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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are “disruptive, intrusive and totally disrespectful,” according to neighbors in their West Village neighborhood.

The Olsen twins, who rent two floors of a West 13th brownstone for $12,000 a month, are “two spoiled brats” who “change the character of the neighborhood,” says one resident.

With security guards who have rousted residents of the building from the brownstone’s stoop so the twins could climb the stairs in private and two GMC Denali parked outside with the engines idling for hours at a time “you would think there was a government operation going on,” the resident said.

In a neighborhood inhabited by celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Gisele Bundchen and Julianne Moore, who blend in well and are considered good neighbors, the twins are seen as invaders.

“The good news is that it’s only a rental,” said the source, “and we all hope it’s not a long-standing one.”

A rep for the Olsens told Page Six, “If there were significant issues, you would think that the neighbors would address Ashley or Mary-Kate directly, rather than calling the media.”

It sounds to me like there hasn’t been much opportunity for anyone to get close enough to address the twins.

photo: Wenn