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TLC featured a one-hour special last night about the Mall of America, located in Bloomington, Minnesota. The show was titled “Mall Cops: Mall of America.”

The network website described the segment as “An action-packed day in the life of the Mall of America, as seen through the eyes of men and women assigned to guard its stores and shoppers – the mall cops. From protecting celebs to busting shoplifters, there is no job too big for the mall cops.”

TLC makes the mall’s security ranks sound like superheros. Film crews spent 12 hours a day for three-and-a-half weeks at the mall video taping all the action that goes down at the MOA. Dan Jaspers a spokesman for the mall said, “The hope is that it is well-received, they might consider turning it into a series.”

Note to MOATLC is the same channel that brought us Jon & Kate Plus 8. Be very careful what you wish for, they could end up turning that mall upside down. We’re just saying…