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Larry Birkhead is fed up with Virgie’s “grandmotherly intentions”. It’s not surprising that Virgie was left off the guest list for Dannielynn’s first birthday party and Larry isn’t feeling a bit bad. Birkhead recently spoke with E! Online:

“Virgie knows exactly why she can’t see her granddaughter,” he told E! Online of the grandma non grata. “It’s because she’s waging a custody battle against me in the Bahamas. It’d be a little awkward with her coming over to my house for dinner—’Virgie, pass the peas. By the way, see you in court next week.’ “

Birkhead lashed out at his erstwhile legal foe in the wake of comments Arthur made during a trip to the Bahamas Monday to mark the first anniversary of the passing of grandson Daniel Smith. The teen died amid still murky circumstances in his mother’s hospital room on Sept. 10, 2006, just a day after the arrival of kid sister Dannielynn.

Speaking to the video agency Splash News, Arthur painted herself as the wrongfully scorned party, saying she was “very saddened” at not being invited to Dannielynn’s party held in Kentucky over the weekend and claiming Birkhead had effectively written her and her side of the family out of the child’s life.

“It’s very hard, you know, there wasn’t anybody there from Vickie’s side of the family,” she said of the 200-strong soiree. “Not just not me, but there wasn’t one relative invited.”

Birkhead, however, has had enough of her particular brand of kinship.

“She doesn’t want to be a grandmother, she wants to be a money manager,” he said. “She can continue to play poor-pitiful-me games to anyone who’ll listen, I’m not buying it.

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