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If the tabloids are to be believed, it’s been quite a week for Kylie Jenner.

First, there’s the rumor that Kylie is engaged to Tyga. She’s been spotted wearing a subtle gold band on that finger, and normally we’d wish her all the best…

But Kylie is 17 and Tyga turns 25 in two weeks, so ew.

Hopefully if there’s any truth to the reports that Kris will step up and put to stop to that business ASAP.

Of course, that’s not the only scandalous Kylie rumor to go public today.

Several outlets are claiming that Kylie is feuding with Kendall Jenner – or just “Kendall” as she prefers to be known these days.

Yes, Kylie is reportedly jealous of Kendall’s success as a runway model, so much so that she skipped the massive blow-out for Kendall’s 19th birthday that was held over the weekend.

Anonymous “friends” of the KJs claim Kylie’s “music career” is all part of her desperate attempt to get on Kendall’s level.

Well, being the first to follow in the family tradition of marrying a mentally unstable rapper would certainly show her!