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Two burglars sneaked into Kirsten Dunst‘s room at the Soho Grand Hotel and swiped a $13,000 handbag, wallets, cash, cameras and an iPod.

Jarrod Beinerman and an accomplice took a guest elevator to the floor below Dunst’s suite and then took a freight elevator up to the penthouse level. From there it wasn’t very difficult: the scheming duo walked through an open door into the penthouse sweet and made off with the goods.

The robbery occurred after Dunst, actor Simon Pegg and an assistant left the penthouse in the Soho Grand Hotel early Aug. 9 to shoot scenes for her new film, “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.”

Dunst has a $13,000 handbag? Hmmm, maybe she could afford to buy herself some style at some point.