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We know Kim Kardashian-Kanye West divorce rumors are nothing new, but there’s actually some evidence to support this latest chatter.

It’s already been established that Kim and Kanye spent Thanksgiving apart, which seems kinda strange because, well, they’re fabulously wealthy. Why couldn’t one of them have just traveled to wherever the one was?

But now a source has come forward claiming that spending their first major holiday as a married couple in separate countries isn’t that big of a deal when compared to the fact that Kardashian and West spent most of last month apart.

“They’ve hit a very rough patch in their marriage,” says the insider. “After spending nearly a month apart, which included spending Thanksgiving apart, Kim and Kanye only spent a few days together in New York City before they went their separate ways again.”

“Kanye has complained to friends that the only thing Kim is interested in is shopping and taking selfies. There isn’t a lot of depth to Kim, while Kanye considers himself intellectual.”

Yes, Kanye was apparently shocked to learn that Kim isn’t a profound intellectual. So, does Yeezy not have cable? Because the rest of have known that for like a decade.