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Kim Johnston, the 35-year-old Atlanta model that American Idol season 7 winner David Cook had been secretly seeing, is speaking out about their “break up.”

Cook, 26, and Johnston became friends on Myspace in August 2008, and met in person for the first time shortly after — in David’s hotel in New York City, where Kim spent the night.

The two continued to see each other “as often as their busy schedules would allow,” until Page Six outed them.

Kim says there was “a big change in David’s attitude” after their romance became public knowledge, and it wasn’t long before he cut ties with the model, telling her in a text, “Dude, I’m losing fans over this!”

“David changed my life in so many good ways,” Kim tells Star magazine, “But I also can’t forget my feeling of abandonment, when I was being slammed left and right. I’ve never had a man treat me as if he was ashamed to be associated with me!”

“I know David is a good person,” says Kim. “I hope he gets to the point where pleasing his fans doesn’t affect his happiness!”

Ummm, here’s the thing, Kim…you met him in person for the first time in his hotel room, he didn’t acknowledge you publicly, he only saw you when he could fit you into his “busy schedule,” he cut you loose when people found out you were sleeping together, AND HE CALLED YOU “DUDE” in a text message explaining why he was dumping you! What part of “booty call” and “holla back girl” is it you don’t understand?

More photos of Kim Johnston below:

David Cook photo/Judy Eddy for WENN

Kim Johnston photos: Michael Vincent Photography via Model Mayhem