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After months of false rumors, it looks as though it might be time to officially kick off Royal Bump Watch 2014. Oh, what fun we’ll have…

During an interview with an Australian tabloid, Jessica Hay broke the “news” that Kate Middleton is pregnant, adding that the official announcement of a younger sibling for Prince George should come within the next month.

“Kate’s inner circle is buzzing with news that she is pregnant,” says Hay. “I’ve heard it from several friends of theirs now and they’re saying they think theres going to be an official announcement in weeks.”

So who is this woman and how does she get her insider information? Well, Hay claims to be a lifelong friend of the Duchess, which of course explains why she gets all her personal information about Kate from third parties, then proceeds to sell it to tabloids.

Ya know, like friends do.

But it’s not just random rumors from Kate’s “inner circle” that has Hays expecting a new prince or princess:

“Kate’s face is fuller, like it was when she was first expecting George,” says Hay. “She’s been changing her hair, which could be to discguise the fullness.”

Well, there you have it. Jessica Hay – putting the home pregnancy test manufacturers out of business, one wack-job prediction at a time.