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Okay, so no trumpets blared, and no one rolled out a tiny red carpet, but as of yesterday it’s pretty much official that Kate Middleton is pregnant.

How do we know? Well, just take a look at Kate’s baby bump to see what we mean.

Either there’s a future prince or princess in there, or Kate went crazy on the bangers and mash.

We hate to admit that Kate’s “friend” and opportunistic weasel Jessica Hay was right when she confirmed Kate’s pregnancy, but it’s certainly beginning to look that way.

Not only is there the slight protrusion that could be housing a future monarch, there’s also the fact that Kate and Prince William recently moved from Kensington Palace to Anmer Hall, in order to escape the London press.

Sounds like something a young couple expecting their second might do, don’t ya think? Sadly, Kate and Will are being horribly naive if they think the press won’t follow them.