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A housekeeper who was formerly employed by Kim and kompany family has spilled the Kardashian’s secrets to Star magazine, and the result is…well, it’s pretty much exactly what you would expect:

Aside from the revelation that Kim is super nice and Kris is “the life of the party” who bumps into walls when she gets sloshed, there’s not a whole lot here that will shock, but the details are entertaining, nonetheless.

Among the revelations:

  • Scott Disick is a drunk. (“He would leave empty bottles of alcohol all over the place,” says the housekeeper.)
  • Bruce Jenner likes to to engage in some low-key cross-dressing. (“He’d hide [women’s underwear] under his bed. I guess he didn’t want his family to know.”
  • Best of all – Kanye stinks. Literally. (“One time, Kim asked me to wash Kanye’s white T-shirt. It reeked of the worst body odor I have ever smelled. There were armpit stains that were soaking wet. It made me shiver.”

Yikes. Imagine the odor coming off of those leather sweat pants when he’s through with them.

Jump into the gallery above for more no-longer secrets. Spoiler alert: Kourtney kinda sucks.