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Anyone who’s lived or worked in Hollywood will tell you that too often the tireless ambition and flawless physiques that we admire in our favorite stars are actually the result of raging chemical dependencies.

There’s an addiction for every type-A taste: cocaine, diet pills…nasal spray.

Allow us to explain:

One of the weirder gossip items of the past few weeks involved the surprising amount of drama surrounding Kaley Cuoco’s sinus surgery.

She’s a young actress who had an operation that required facial bandages, so naturally, there were rumors that Kaley got a nose job.

She didn’t. And to support her claim that there were some serious things wrong with her schnoz-area Kaley went on Ellen today and made a surprising confession. Turns out, she’s addicted to nasal spray:

“I had sinus surgery the day after Christmas, and it has been the worst surgery of my life,” said Kaley. “And on top of it, everyone of course thought I got a nose job.”

“Which is so funny, because if you know me, I would have told you I got a nose job. I’m not gonna keep it a secret. I was actually really addicted to nose spray like Afrin. Like for years…I couldn’t get enough and it was such a problem. And I ruined my sinuses and I had to get it fixed.”

So there you have it. Stay off that nose juice, kids.