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The constantly scandal-prone Justin Bieber has avoided paying for his crimes in any real way, yet again.

After he was busted egging his neighbor’s house earlier this year, many assumed Bieber would face felony charges and possibly jail time, as video evidence from the incident shows Bieber taunting his neighbor in a threatening fashion.

Yet again, however, the Douchey Boy Wonder will suffer little more than further damage to his reputation.

Early reports indicate that Bieber agreed to a plea deal today, and will be charged with nothing more misdemeanor vandalism.

Despite causing an estimated $20,000 in damages, Bieber will sentenced to one year probation and likely be forced to serve a minimal amount of community service.

We’re not sure how he does it, but we’ve learned to expect nothing less from the guy who was caught singing about joining the KKK on camera and yet somehow still has a career.