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Joan Rivers made a few waves at Costco yesterday when she staged a one-woman protest because the store banned her latest book.

Police were called to Costco after the comedian handcuffed herself to a shopping cart and began yelling obscenities through a bullhorn, all captured on video by her film crew.

The over-the-top entertainer was reportedly upset with the retailer for refusing to stock her new book ‘I Hate Everything…Starting With Me’ because of the racy jokes on the back cover.

Rivers bellowed, “Costco should not be like Nazi Germany. Next thing they’ll be burning bibles.”

She also insinuated that she wasn’t on Costco property, but on “Indian” property because the land on which Costco is built had been stolen from the Native Americans.

Police asked Rivers and her crew to leave the store and they did without further incident.

Watch the video of Joan making a scene … even the cops got a laugh.

Photo Credit: HRC-WENN