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Ever since Jessica Simpson married Eric Johnson, she’s been gushing about her baby daddy on Instagram…even more than usual.

Usually it’s harmless (if somewhat annoying), but a photo Jess posted yesterday has some folks wondering if she’s lost her damn mind:

Yes, that’s Jessica’s husband throwing a baby. Specifically, her one-year-old son, Ace, and despite what Jess seems to think, it ain’t cute.

Jess specified that she wasn’t present at the time and wasn’t the one who took the pic. But something tells us she wouldn’t have intervened if she had been there.

Because for some reason, Jess likes to play old-timey obedient housewife, even tough she’s the breadwinner and Eric hasn’t had a decent job since his virtually non-existent NFL career ended in 2007.

Guess when you’re a Yale graduate and you marry Jessica Simpson, you can look forward to a lifetime of your wife always (wrongly) assuming you’re in the right.