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Annalise Keating’s students follow her teachings with nearly religious fervor. But are they just pawns in a game?

As we saw on How to Get Away With Murder Season 1 Episode 3, someone kills Sam and then her students cover it up. Are they acting of their own volition or working on Annalise’ orders?

We don’t know and the suspense quite literally may kill us.

Nate, Annalise’s boyfriend on the side, lied to her about her husband’s whereabouts on the night of the Lila Stangard murder. Is he attempting to save her from something? Like knowing her husband might be a murderer?

Or is he going to continue working the case in order to destroy her the way she destroyed him for her client?

This show is full of people who love to destroy other people, like Connor trying to ruin Michaela’s life by telling her that once upon a time in boarding school he slept with her now-fiance’?

Also, it is not necessary to have everyone’s backstories connected like that, writers, and in many ways it’s asinine because it’s clearly unrealistic. But it did give us a glimpse into the life of Michaela Pratt and why she’s acting like her life is over now that she’s helping cover up a murder.

Plus, how else were we going to end up focusing on her ring? That ring might end up being their undoing if they can’t find it.

One thing that’s great about this series is that all of the characters are flawed in some way. That makes them all equally lovable and hate-able. It makes them human.

How are you feeling about Shonda’s latest foray into television? If you’ve missed an episode, you can always watch How to Get Away With Murder online at TV Fanatic.