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“Dog the Bounty Hunter” fans will be happy to know that Duane “Dog” Chapman and two of his sons, Duane Lee Chapman and Leland Chapman, have made peace.

We didn’t even know there was a problem…evidently there was a falling out between Daddy and his grown sons, though his wife Beth Chapman remained outside of the fray. The fight was enough for the boys to quit the family business, Da-Kine Bail Bonds in Honolulu.

Bosses over at A&E weren’t too happy about the situation and said if the boys weren’t working for Dog, they couldn’t be on the show. On Tuesday Duane Lee and Leland were given 48 hours by the network to either go back to work or hit the road.

The money on the show must be worth mending fences over because after a “sit down” meeting with Dog and Beth, the two wayward siblings are once again working for the family business.

Top Photo: WENN