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The new guy-pal ordered just for Clara now that her flirtation with The Doctor is over was introduced on Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 2. Danny Pink is a fellow school teacher and a former soldier with a soft inner core. The Doctor really doesn’t like soldiers.

Concern about the friendship between Clara and Danny is evident as soon as The Doctor tells a brave soldier she’s left to her own devices — after helping them successfully navigate the innards of a Dalek — because he doesn’t like soldiers.

There is a lot about himself he doesn’t know, such as whether he is a good man. If he looks to Clara for those answers perhaps he’ll seek her counsel when he meets her new friend.

Eh! None of that mushy stuff snuffed the excitement as The Doctor and Clara were shrunk to infiltrate the insides of a “good” Dalek! The Doctor thinks that’s an oxymoron that must be repaired. Clara disagrees.

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