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Danni Starr’s ‘Valentine’s Day’ Review

Dragging my future husband to see “Valentine’s Day” was a bit of a challenge. How could I possibly expect him to see a love movie on the same weekend that “Wolfman” was being released? Was I really asking too much? Well I was certainly not going to sit through a movie called “Wolfman” on a day that’s supposed to be devoted to love. With enough negotiating and some pouting on my part, I finally convinced him to see it with me. I am happy to say that we were both pleasantly surprised. “Valentine’s Day” had it all. I laughed, I cried, I was shocked. The thing about love is that it’s really hard to comprehend. One minute we are head over heals in love and the next we are wondering how our fairy tale somehow turned into a nightmare.

“Valentine’s Day” did a great job of displaying the many different stages of relationships: young love, lust, friendship, infidelity, heartbreak and forgiveness. As I watched the movie it made me think about my own experiences with both love and lost love. I love movies that I can relate to. I love love, but sometimes I forget that. This movie reminded me how wonderful love is, and not just the good stuff, the bad stuff too! Ultimately it is both the good and bad aspects of love that help us realize what we want or don’t want. I hate leaving a movie feeling like the loose ends were not tied up. Although there were many stories within the movie, somehow they all connected at the end and nothing left me questioning.

Let me not fail to mention the amazing acting, with an all-star cast that included: Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, George Lopez, Taylor Swift, Queen Latifah, Taylor Lautner, Jessica Alba, Jamie Fox, Bradley Cooper, and Julia Roberts. The movie had the potential to seem unbelievable, but it didn’t at all.

I left the theater giddy and smiling but with a lot on my mind. I thought about the boy that broke my heart sophomore year in college, I thought about my first love, I thought about the hearts that I had broken. Seeing “Valentine’s Day” made me realize that sometimes it’s important to take a look at the past because it makes the future look so much more beautiful. As we walked hand in hand to the car, he admitted he really enjoyed the movie. Me? I guess I can see “Wolfman” – isn’t that what love is all about? Compromise. I definitely think you should see “Valentine’s Day”. To clarify, “Valentine’s Day” is not a “chick flick” – guys will enjoy the movie as well but you might just have some trouble convincing them to get there.

I’m Danni, I love movies that make me feel!

Watch the trailer below.