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Join me in welcoming Jennifer Love Hewitt to Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 1. SSA Kate Callahan makes a great addition to the BAU team.

She’s fresh and new and asks a pertinent question: how does the team deal with what they see every day when they close the books on a case and go home?

In a relatively short period of time, the team has found three torsos in three different locations. Right after Kate joins the team, they head off to Bakersfield to investigate.

What they see there, well you should watch Criminal Minds online to see what they see there for yourself.

Kate wonders how they deal with the horrors of their job, and they tell her they do their best to put it behind them when they leave. Some are more successful than others.

Garcia’s barely sleeping. Hotch is lying about his ability to deal.

How easy can it possibly be to deal with fetishists who get off on being around severed body parts, you know? Somehow, they do. And we’re lucky that this show exists in a fictional world where we get a week off to recover between stories.

The chemistry of this team now that Kate is on board is great and should be a treat to watch in coming weeks. What did you think of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s debut on Criminal Minds?