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America will have to do without the Cheetah Girls during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year because they’ve been uninvited. Macy’s officials are citing “scheduling issues” as the reason the girl group won’t appear in the parade but according to the New York Daily News, the semi-nude photos of Adrienne Bailon were just too much for the wholesome department store chain.

The pictures featured Bailon in a bra and nothing else. Her publicist, Jonathan Jaxson, first claimed the photos had been stolen at JFK airport a week earlier in a laptop heist. He has since changed his tune and indicates it was all a publicity stunt to try to alter the singer’s image to be more adult and less Disney.

The fallout has begun. Says Jaxson: “Adrienne wanted me to plant the story about the laptop. She wanted to distance herself from the Cheetah Girls. She decided, ‘Let’s spice it up’ and say possible nude photos were stolen from her laptop…I’ve done this before with several stars and we’ve had great success, but this is the first time it’s even bitten me in the rear or a client.”

UPDATE: Cheetah Girls Breakup