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Brooke Mueller is not completely free of infection, but Charlie Sheen‘s wife was well enough to be released last night from a Los Angeles hospital, where she has been hospitalized for pneumonia.

Mueller’s mother Moira Fiore told People magazine, “I picked her up (Monday night) and brought her to a friend’s house in Los Angeles where we will stay until we decide what we are going to do and where we will go.”

Fiore feels that her daughter needs to stay away from Charlie for a while and “get her head together.” If Brooke listens to her mother and her doctor’s from ICU, she will be on her way to a spa for a little R&R. She has been encouraged to reduce some of her stress and seek psychological counseling. The thought occurs to us that ‘spa’ may really mean ‘treatment facility’. See details of her past rehab stints here.

In fact, on Wednesday it was revealed that Brooke Mueller has checked into Two Dreams Outer Banks, a drug and alcohol treatment facility in Corolla, North Carolina. They feature a comprehensive wellness program for the threatment of addictive disorders and co-dependent behavior.

While Charlie was able to visit Brooke during the time she was in the hospital, the protective order remains in place following a domestic altercation between the pair on Christmas Day.

The couple’s twin boys will reportedly remain with Charlie while Mueller is recovering.

Sheen and Mueller’s next court hearing is slated for February 8th in Aspen, Colorado. That hearing may be postponed once again based on Mueller’s rehab stint.