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It’s safe to say Charlie Sheen fell off the wrong side of the barstool this morning, because dude seemingly just picked a random target and started firing shots.

It began with Sheen attacking Kim Kardashian on Twitter:

“You are lucky that ANYONE cares about your gross and giggly [sic] bag of funk you dare call an ass.” (He apparently got pissed after hearing that she denied an autograph to a 6-year-old girl.)

He then doubled down and attacked Kim K again in an interview with TMZ:

“Zero gratitude, zero talent, zero awareness, a pox on the face of entertainment she is!” Sheen said.

Then just as randomly, Sheen apologized, tweeting:

“My extreme bad. Really embarrassed by my actions. I was really pissed about some other crap that had nothing to do with you.”

“I heard a story that bothered me. Wrote some trash you didn’t deserve. Ever. I’m an idiot as often as I’m a genius. That day, clearly I was the former…#ShutUpSheen”

Hmm…Shut up Sheen. Finally, a hashtag we can all get behind. Maybe this guy isn’t so bad, after all. Just kidding, he sucks.