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Bode Miller won a gold medal on Sunday at the Vancouver Games in a brilliantly executed Men’s Super Combined run. He conquered a tricky course and ended up with a total time of 2:44:92 – which was .33 ahead of Ivica Kostelic of Croatia who took silver.

Miller has accomplished a record-tying three medals thus far in three events at these Olympics – quite a comeback for a guy who nearly retired from the sport last year.

The 32-year-old from Franconia, N.H. said, “The gold medal is great. I think it’s perfect. Ideally, that’s what everyone is shooting for. But the way I skied these last races is what matters, I would’ve been proud of that skiing with a medal or not. The way I executed — the way I skied — is something I’ll be proud of the rest of my life.”

Miller has won gold, silver and bronze thus far in the Vancouver Games, with two more events to ski. These two weeks in British Columbia will likely forever change history’s view of Miller. After walking away from the Torino Games with nothing but a reputation for bad behavior, he has shown that he is now older and wiser.

Bode Miller’s father Woody watched his son win gold on Sunday. He said, “He’s enjoying himself. That’s always been key for him. He lost that. That was what was key in Torino. He was going through the motions, but not really enjoying himself.” Woody believes that the difference in Vancouver is that his kid “was hungry” to perform well.

Olympic snowboarder Scotty Lago may well be labeled the bad boy of the Vancouver Games, when some controversial racy photos surfaced after his gold medal win – check them out here.

More photos and the Bode Miller post-interviews on NBC and ESPN – videos below:

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