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Sadly, it was reported today that Bobbi Kristina Brown could be taken off of life support as early as tomorrow.

Her condition has been worsening ever since she was found unconscious in her bathtub last week, and doctors have reportedly informed her family that there’s very little chance she’ll ever emerge from her coma.

As if this story could get any sadder, sources say Bobbi had fully committed herself to her blossoming music career in the months before her accident.

One of those same insiders is now claiming that Bobbi’s self destruction began the day that Whitney Houston died:

“Her self-destruction went from zero to one hundred the day her mother died,” says the source.

“Whitney shared too much information about the marriage with Bobbi. It made Bobbi gravitate more toward Whitney’s feelings and that’s why she grew to resent Bobby.”

That strange dynamic that made Whitney and Bobbi so close also reportedly drove Bobbi into the arms of Nick Gordon following her mother’s death:

“In Bobbi’s mind, [she and Gordon] were Bonnie and Clyde against the world, high and happy, eerily similar to the relationship Whitney had with Bobbi. For Bobbi, that was the ultimate utopia. She wanted what her mother had, because she felt that was the norm.”

Sadly, it now looks as though mother and daughter’s shared penchant for bad decisions went beyond their questionable taste in men.