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It’s almost never comfortable to imagine parents having the talk with their kids, and television shows have made a thing out of making the talk super uncomfortable for all parties involved.

Haha! Look at that parent bumbling through a talk about sex!

Black-ish Season 1 Episode 2 relied on this trite shtick and failed.

The episode wasn’t all terrible, and as a comedy, the show is still finding its stride and introducing us to characters, but does everything have to be so awkward?

Why does it always have to be so awkward for parents to talk to their kids, which was the theme of last night’s installment.

First, Dre decided to have the sex talk with Junior while the two played basketball shirtless. Because nothing says “hey, this is normal” like discussing sex and relationships over a pickup game.

Rainbow complained that Zoey never talks to her and when Zoey does talk to Rainbow, Rainbow doesn’t listen. At all. And actually grows frustrated at all the talking her daughter’s actually doing.

And who was watching the twins? And, you know, talking to them? (No one.)

Oof. Here’s hoping this gets better. Way better. Just go watch Black-ish online to see what we mean about how much potential this show has and how far it’s falling from hitting the mark right now.