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While Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 Episode 5 did not live up to the hype that the ending to the previous night’s installment built up, it did have its merits.

Graham suffered an anxiety attack, from which he quickly recovered. If you were hoping for an epic meltdown and the demise of Ashlee Frazier, we’re sorry.

Also, the person who ran into the jungle on Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 Episode 5? Not Graham or AshLee! It had nothing to do with their drama.

And the person whose medical needs required an ambulance? ALSO not Graham or AshLee! There was a lot going on, even if the promos were misleading.

There was also an l-bomb dropped, and a 3-bomb. As in three of the shameless Bachelor(ette) castoffs very likely had a threesome in Paradise. Amazing.

Want to find out who got dirty, who needed medical assistance, who bolted the show of her own volition and who was sent home without a rose at the end?

All you have to do is watch Bachelor in Paradise online by following the link above. If you’re into the ABC show, this is one episode that will not disappoint.