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Can Oliver be both man and hero? Is that possible? Those are the questions Oliver finds himself asking and answering on Arrow Season 3 Episode 1.

The season premiere gave fans a glimpse at happiness for Olicity before deciding to keep the shippers shipping just a little while longer.

Fans of Oliver and Felicity have longed for the day when the two would find their way into a solid relationship with one another. Today is not that day.

After saving the city with a ruse that had him pretending to be in love with Felicity, which wasn’t a ruse at all, Oliver is grappling with the decision of how his life should proceed. As such, he and Felicity go on a date.

The distraction is costly.

While he’s preparing and being preoccupied, a tracker is placed on his Arrow suit, which allows bad guys to follow him to the restaurant where he’s dining with Felicity. Seeing her covered in blood shakes him up and he’s unable to forget the image.

He misinterprets her statement as fear on her part and begins to pull away. Sara’s death toward the end of the episode only furthers the divide between them.

Now, each character will have to process her death, which was actually quite a small part of the episode, in order to move forward. How will they do that? Will it unite them or divide them?

We’ll have to watch Arrow online to find out, and along the way we’ll meet and get to know Ray Palmer, the charismatic nerd catching Felicity’s eye.

That should be interesting!