Cole Vosbury of 'The Voice' Tormented by Extortionist

cole vosbury pic

One of our favorite contestants on 'The Voice' this season is Cole Vosbury.  The singer is learning quickly that everyone wants a piece of you when you enter the world of fame.

Last month businessman Harold Glen Martin was arrested on charges of attempting to extort Vosbury with threats to expose deep dark secrets about his life.

Martin claims that Vosbury was paid a $200 retainer to perform at a benefit concert but didn't make it because he was pursuing his dream on 'The Voice.'

Caddo Sheriff's Department detective Bobby Herring spoke about the situation, “Harold Martin actually called Shreveport Music and spoke to the owner and was asking for a guitarist.  Cole Vosbury happened to be in the shop at the time and was recommended by the guy at Shreveport Music.”

Herring continued, "Cole had no knowledge of anything.  Martin basically sent $200 in cash in an envelope assuming Vosbury would do the show.”

Cole's father Robin Vosbury tried to return the money but was told by Martin to consider it a gift and he ended the conversation by wishing the man's son well on 'The Voice.'

Police indicate, “The businessman decided to basically extort them by saying that he was going to put out negative stuff in the media and affect his chances on The Voice unless he agreed to do what he claims was ten free performances for this man, at his own discretion, any time he wanted.”

As Cole progressed on the show the threatening treatment escalated. Detective Herring revealed that Cole and his family have clearly been tormented by this man.

Monday, November 18 the Top 10 will compete.  See last week's performance below:

Photo Credit: Video Screen Grab