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Have you joined the ‘Draft John Mellencamp for Senate’ group on Facebook? Some 4,500 people have jumped on the singer’s bandwagon so far and the numbers are climbing. This begs the question: Does John, one of the founding member of Farm Aid, even want to be a Senator?

A few political analysts and pundits out there would like to see that happen and say that with U.S. Senator D-Ind Evan Bayh not seeking reelection, this just night be a perfect time for John to step up and throw his hat into the ring.

According to L.A. Times writer Patrick Goldstein: “In politics, this is the year of the amateur.” Brent Budowsky of “The Hills” offered, “Mellencamp is a voice for working people and a champion of farmers. He is one of the great advocates of small-town America.”

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Join the Draft Mellencamp Facebook group HERE.

A staunch Democrat, Mellencamp performed “Keep Your Eyes On The Prize” at the White House February 10, 2010. Check out the video below:

Photo: WENN