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An official inquest was held at Westminster Coroners Court in London on Wednesday for the purpose of ruling on the cause of death of famed designer Alexander McQueen. Coroner Lynda Martindill told those present that the 40-year-old died from asphyxiation and hanging.

McQueen reportedly left a suicide note that was discovered by his sister Janet on February 11, when she entered her brother’s home and found his lifeless body dangling from a closet pole in his armoire. The tragic discovery was on the eve of his mother’s funeral – see coroner photos here.

After a 5-minute hearing that was conducted by coroner Paul Knapman, he adjourned the inquest until April 28, 2010. The move paved the way for McQueen’s family to hold a funeral and burial for the deceased. He is survived by his father, three sisters, and two brothers.

Lady Gaga paid tribute to her friend, who she referred to as Lee McQueen, during the BRIT Awards on Tuesday night – photos and video here.

The disturbing nature of the designers death is similar to that of actor David Carradine, who was found hanged in June 2009. The graphic photos subsequently went viral on the internet.

View McQueen video below.