Danny Cahill: Plastic Surgery For Excess Skin Removal (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

danny cahill planning plastic surgery

Danny Cahill, the Season 8 winner of the popular weight loss reality show The Biggest Loser, is understandably thrilled that he was able to shed 239 pounds through "good old-fashioned exercise and calorie counting."  His only problem continues to be the fact that he is still sporting a great deal of loose and hanging skin.

The former 430 pounder shed more than 55% of his body weight, winning the $250,000 price in early December.  Cahill has been on a promotional tour for the past few months, singing the praises of the television show that changed his life.

Danny appeared last week as a guest on The Doctors and lifted his shirt to reveal his excess skin to Dr. Drew Ordon, who went on to demonstrate how the problem can be surgically remedied - see video here.

Ordon offered to perform the skin reduction surgery compliments of The Doctors. Cahill accepted the offer and will return to the show at a future date to reveal his transformed body.

View before and after photos of The Biggest Loser - Season 8.

Season 5 winner Ali Vincent, who lost 112 pounds, has a different take on excess skin.  One can only speculate that she has better skin memory than her male counterpart.  We will go a step further to suggest that if her stomach looked anything like Danny Cahill's, she would have already gone under the knife.

Check out what she had to say in the video below.