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Casey Johnson, heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, was found dead at 11:51 a.m. on Monday at her Los Angeles home. The daughter of Sale Johnson Rashad and New York Jets owner Robert Woody Johnson was 30 and had been estranged from her parents for the past year.

The death was announced by Tila Tequila on her Twitter page and confirmed by LAPD. Officer Sara Faden said, “It appears to be a natural death. There’s no evidence of foul play. A toxicology report from the coroner’s office will proceed next.”

The coroner will be looking at the possibility that Johnson’s death was related to diabetes, a condition she was had since she was a child. According to a police source, “the speculation is that she came home after a night of partying and passed out without taking her insulin, slipped into a diabetic coma and died.”

An openly gay socialite, Johnson was arrested in November for grand theft for reportedly stealing $200,000 worth of jewelry from English model and ex-girlfriend Jasmine Lennard – see photos below.

In December Johnson and Tila Tequila announced that they were engaged. Tila ‘tweeted’, “Tonight, my beautiful girlfriend has just asked me to marry her and check out this rock. Bam! That is a 17-carat diamond ring from my baby.”

In early 2009, Casey’s mother took custody of her adopted daughter Ava, 3, who came from an orphanage in Kazakhstan in 2007. Sale Johnson reportedly rescued the child after finding her living in squalor, with Casey, who was under the influence of drugs in her Los Angeles home. Woody and Sale Johnson ceased all financial assistance to Casey at that time. Casey is also survived by sisters Daisy and Jaime Johnson.

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LISTEN to the 911 call here.

Photos: WENN