Oprah Says No! To Sarah Palin

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Despite thousands of requests by her fans, Oprah Winfrey, an avid Obama supporter is refusing to have Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on her show.

According to the Drudge Report, Oprah's staff is "sharply divided" on having the Alaska governor on the show, with one executive close to Winfrey warning that a Sarah Palin ban could ignite a dramatic backlash.

Last year, she blocked Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas from appearing as part of a promotional tour for a book he had just written.

I have always liked Oprah, yet it seems like her big talk of empowering women and minorities only extends to those with liberal views.

The Drudge Report says Oprah and executive producer Sheri Salata, who has contributed thousands of dollars to Obama's campaign, refused requests for comment.