Did Anne Hathaway Help the Feds Bust Raffaello?


News reports have surfaced that Get Smart star Anne Hathaway may have helped the feds bust her now ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri.  The con man was busted for bilking millions from investors.

The New York Post stated that not only did Anne pay for Follieri's rent to the tune of $37,000 a month but the leech also had his hands in her bank account for tens of thousands.  Once his lease ran out he had to move back in with his mommy and daddy. HA!

Word is Hathaway talked Raffaello into returning early from a trip to Europe so that the feds could arrest him.  Sources say that it was a mere six hours after Anne broke off the relationship that the feds detained him.

More photos below.

Hathaway and FollieriAnne and RaffaelloAnne Hathaway Kiss

Photos:  WENN