Shannen Doherty Clears Up Old 90210 Gossip


90210 star Shannen Doherty is on the cover US Weekly magazine.  The actress shared some of her experiences from the early days of Beverly Hills 90210 compared to the new 90210.  Shannen has received a hefty load of bad press over the last 18 years and is finally ready to give her side of the story.  First things first - she wanted the readers to know that 90% of  the media hype was untrue.

Doherty was not new to the acting scene when she played Brenda on Beverly Hills 90210 from 1990-1994 and grew up with strong parents who kept her centered.  Rumors swirled about the never ending fights on the hit show, making Shannen out to be the trouble maker on the set and always pitted against Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth.  When asked about the supposed fist fight with Jennie, Shannen said this:

"We never did.  I think I would remember Jennie's fist connecting with a part of my body or a part of my face.  It goes to show how people will lie.  I'm not quite sure what Tori's memories are.  They're incredibly different from the two girls who were supposedly once having this fist fight."

As for why Tori is not returning to the new show, Shannen has no idea and said she has not spoken to her.  In Tori's book, she called Doherty "arrogant" and a "bad influence."

"I thought it was funny,  I didn't read it, nor would I.  My friends called me and said, 'Oh, she said this and this.'  Tori and I were friends, but along the way people grow in different directions.  I did my thing she did her thing, and that was pretty much it."

Don't expect a tell-all coming out anytime soon although she has been approached to do a book.   She said she looks at that as something you would do when you are 80 and when you don't have any more chapters in your life.

Regarding the new 90210 show, Shannen was thrilled to see Jennie on the set, clearly knowing that the pressure isn't really on the alumni actresses but rather on the the new hip and young cast who she believes are "in for a ride."

Shannen lives a normal life playing with her dogs and riding her horses and claims to be a homebody, with dreams of moving back to the south at some point.  Doherty finds it hard to have a love life and is looking for normalcy.  As far as her friends go, she said that she doesn't have any "Hollywood" friends and relates to normal people.

To read the full interview go out and grab yourself the latest US Weekly.

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