K-Fed and Michael Lohan to Throw Down in the Ring

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I have heard it all now - Michael Lohan and Kevin Federline aka K-Fed are going to duke it out. Isn't Michael old and how would that even be fair? Don't think I am saying that K-fed is going to kick his a!*, because he probably won't. Maybe Lohan worked on his boxing abilities while he was in prison.

Michael talked with Ok! magazine and had this to say:

"Everyone wants me to fight K-fed because he's a notorious celebrity dad and so am I. It's for charity."

The organization that would get the proceeds is Long Islands Fight for Charity. Great for the charity but who exactly wants them to fight? I want names and as far as them being notorious - yes, for being low-life dads. At least Kevin has gotten his act together and is a huge part of his children's lives -how about you Michael?

Lohan said his girlfriend Erin wants in on the action too and is supposedly trying to set up a match against singer Debbie Gibson. What the !?

Don't get too excited about the fight - reps for Federline say that he knows nothing about it.

Photos: WENN