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More than a month ago, Jamal Menzies and Kimberly Rodriguez were vacationing together down in Mexico.

It seemed that their once-casual relationship had grown more serious.

Recently, rumors have arisen that the two have filmed for 90 Day: The Single Life, in what would be the latest example of the franchise using series titles as mere suggestions. Unless … they had broken up?

Judging by this latest fan sighting, clearly not.

A recent Reddit post revealed that Veronica Rodriguez is in San Diego. She is from Charlotte, North Carolina, which would obviously raise questions all by itself about why is is in Southern California.

Of course, Jamal Menzies’ family originates in San Diego. It is also where he and Veronica met.

Oh, and the same fan who spotted Veronica also spotted Jamal. They were both there, at the San Diego airport. They were together. And they were holding hands.

An eagle-eyed Reddit user by the name of heejkas shared a photo of Veronica Rodriguez and Jamal Menzies in April of 2023. The two were at the San Diego airport and holding hands. (Image Credit: Reddit)

Just last month, obvious clues and numerous reports made it clear that Jamal and Veronica were still an item.

In late 2022, given the “random” nature of the couple and their meeting, how they hyped up their relationship before the big reveal, and other factors … some fans had doubts.

People wondered if Jamal and Veronica only got together as a Tell All twist, a publicity stunt to boost one or both of them.

And some have still speculated to this effect.

After all, with recent reports claiming that Jamal and Veronica are returning to 90 Day: The Single Life … couldn’t it just be a stunt?

It’s rare, but there have been couples in the franchise who stayed together longer than they naturally would have just for TV reasons. (Stephanie Davison comes to mind. So does Deavan Clegg)

Report after report has quashed the rumors of fakery. These two clearly like one another.

So why do the rumors persist? Why do some viewers think that these two outrageous hotties wouldn’t have the hots for each other?

It may come down to a few things — fans thirsting after Jamal (sensible, but not when it comes to resenting who he dates), fans who get really weird about open relationships. Oh, and a strong current of 90 Day Fiance misogyny running through both of those.

Basically, a lot of viewers loved Jamal, so when they saw him dating, they instantly disliked the woman in question — and, to an extent, Jamal himself. Not a lot — it wasn’t a tsunami of hatred. But there was grumbling.

Similarly, when they revealed that they were in an open relationship, there wasn’t so much pearl-clutching by monogamy fans as there were claims that this wasn’t a “real” relationship. Always fascinating when outsiders think that they get to define other people, other relationships.

Obviously, both of those included some misogyny as fuel. Especially because Veronica’s previous appearance in lingerie during the season had ruffled the feathers of some toxic fans. That said … most viewers seem to be pretty happy with the two of them.