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During this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Nicole and Mahmoud had their most bitter fight yet.

It was, as always, about clothing. But it seemed to be about more than that — fundamental differences in everything. They respond to conflict differently.

Mahmoud said that they shouldn’t be together. Nicole noted that Mahmoud seems to love the idea of having a wife more than he loves her.

Is this toxic marriage doomed? An accidental spoiler sheds light on this couple.

Nicole Sherbiny and Mahmoud Elsherbiny do not seem to be compatible on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4. Maybe there’s something that fans are missing? (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Earlier this month, Mahmoud Elsherbiny took to Instagram to share an older selfie of him and his wife, Nicole.

This was clearly a throwback to well before the show filmed. This is now Nicole wore her hair back then.

What makes the photo so interesting is that a fan commented to ask which part of Egypt they live in … and received a response.

“We live in Giza,” Nicole wrote to reply to the comment.

Giza is one of Egypt’s largest cities, just after Cairo and Alexandria. It is famously the site of numerous ancient mortuaries and world heritage monuments — including the Great Pyramids.

And it is, apparently, where Nicole and Mahmoud are currently living. At least, that is what Nicole’s comment states.

It is always possible that Nicole is deliberately misleading fans, or answering questions in the wrong tense. For example, she could be saying that they lived in Giza during that throwback photo.

However, that would be unusual. Normally, cast members simply make vague statements, post “throwback” photos that are actually more recent, or say nothing at all.

Nicole could end up getting a stern phone call from producers for potentially spoiling her season. Or perhaps not. After all, viewers know that they’re already married.

Some viewers may feel surprised at the news that they are still married.

After all, Season 4, Episode 6 showed them in a state of nearly endless conflict. Mahmoud stormed off, declaring that they “not can be together.”

And Nicole admitted to the camera that it felt like her husband loved the concept of having a wife more than he loved her, his actual wife. Given his behavior, we can understand why she felt that way.

Among other things, Mahmoud accused Nicole of not loving him. Odd words for the woman who just gave up her home and left her entire life behind to be with him.

To be with him in a place and an environment that she absolutely despises, in fact.

It was incredibly hurtful for her to hear. Especially because Mahmoud has been repeatedly starting fights by attempting to police her clothing.

Nicole wants to have her own place with Mahmoud. And she also asked to meet his friends, which is not unheard of in Egypt — but is unusual in Mahmoud’s particular neighborhood and friend group.

However, she is not looking to change Egypt or his family or even Mahmoud himself. Nicole has repeatedly bent over backwards to accommodate her husband’s wishes, but she has set a few boundaries.

Does the news that the two are apparently still together mean that she has caved? Or does it mean that Mahmoud has grown and accepted his wife? It’s possible that they’re still repeating the same problems and fights.