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This past Tuesday, Audrey Roloff gushed over her husband on Instagram.

And then pretty much every day since then, social media users have jumped all over the former reality star.

“Farm boy who happened to grow up on tv agrees to blind date with suburban redheaded runner girl who had never seen an episode of the show…” opened Audrey in a lengthy caption that went along with a photo of her and Jeremy.

Audrey Roloff kisses her husband in this still image of the former Little People, Big World stars.

She continued telling the couple’s story as follows:

“Both almost bailed last minute, but they trusted their friends who set them up enough to go. They go on a double date to Macaroni Grill and then church.

“Farm boy falls for runner girl fast and woos her with handmade gift and country kid adventures. Runner girl is stubborn and has lots of walls up.

“Farm boy pursues runner girl for years before they start dating 10 days before moving a thousand miles apart from each other.”

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff say they went on 52 dates in 52 weeks over the course of 2022. That’s very impressive if true!

Audrey often garners backlash for coming across online as the perfect wife and/or mother.

She loves to pen supposedly profound thoughts about both of these roles, often getting roasted in response by those who wish she would simply STFU.

Especially when you consider that Audrey and Jeremy try to profit off their romance by selling a marriage journal to anyone who somehow thinks they are experts in this field.

Audrey continues to forge ahead, however.

Audrey Roloff looks a little stressed out in this photo of herself and her spouse, doesn’t she?

“They date long distance for 3 years, immediately get married after graduation, millions of people watch their wedding on tv,” she continued on Valentine’s Day, referencing a Little People, Big World episode from awhile back.

“They move to Los Angeles and work crazy jobs still hardley seeing each other, then move to Bend, Oregon and start working together.

“They get pregnant and move home to be close to family where they buy an old home and begin renovating it.

“They move in weeks before baby is due, move out when baby is weeks old cause the house floods, renovate again with a 6 week old.”

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff clean up pretty well, don’t they? This is a photo the former uploaded to her Instagram page.

Audrey concluded:

They step away from tv and start a podcast, clothing line, self publish The Marriage Journal™️ and co-author what they had no idea would become a New York Times best selling book.

They tour the country talking about marriage, relationships, and Jesus and find out they are pregnant with their second baby.

He is born during a pandemic while writing their second book.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, Date Night
It’s date night for Audrey and Jeremy Roloff. They try to go out together 52 times per year, every year.

They try to purchase farm boys family farm but it doesn’t work out so they begin searching for property with the dream of raising their babies on land.

They search for two years and add another baby to their family before finally buying the property that overlooks their trestle where they got engaged.

The house is a bit of a fixer… but they are unbelievably grateful and begin dreaming about what the property will become. The rest is to be determined….

But I know with you it will be better than I could ever possibly imagine babe.

Jeremy Roloff and His Wife, Audrey
Notice something different here about Jeremy Roloff? Yup. His hair is all gone.

How… sweet? Not according to those who often roll their eyes at Audrey.

“She sounds like she’s trying to write a book about two very different people and how love conquers all,” wrote one person, while another added:

“Coming to the Hallmark channel soon. Cringeworthy.”

A third summer up his/her feelings like this: “This is the whackest vday post I’ve ever read.”