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On the Season 4 premiere of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, the most drama came from the only familiar couple.

Daniele Gates and Yohan Geronimo previously appeared on Love in Paradise: The Caribbean. The two married in 2021.

Despite plans to move to New York, Daniele is tired of life in the city. She unilaterally decided to move to the Dominican Republic instead, totally blindsiding her husband.

Why did Daniele insist on killing Yohan’s American dream instead of, you know, moving literally anywhere else in the US? She swears that there’s a good reason.

When Daniele and Yohan married — more than one year ago, though this season likely filmed before their first anniversary — they had a plan.

Daniele would file for a marital visa.

She would continue to live in New York, where Yohan, her extremely gorgeous husband, would come to live with her.

Daniele’s life is in New York. Her job — both in teaching school and teaching yoga — is there. Her friends are also there.

Meanwhile, this suited Yohan perfectly. According to him, life in his part of the Dominican Republic consists of hard work and no reward — of just making enough to get by.

Many Americans might describe their lives as fairly similar these days, but Yohan still sees opportunity to build a real life for himself. Plus, he’s head over heels in love with his tiny wife.

Before catching her flight to the DR during the premiere episode, Daniele sat down with her friends, Sandra and Lizzette. She seemed to dismiss their worries about what she will do for a living, saying that she will “manifest” her new life.

(Sincerely, we would love for these two to show up on Pillow Talk)

The two reacted with understandable concern when Daniele admitted that she’s not just planning to move to the DR, but that Yohan doesn’t know. In fact, he thinks that she has filed for his spousal visa.

Daniele didn’t tell Yohan before flying down to the Dominican Republic.

She and her husband were delighted to see each other. No matter their many differences, their mutual attraction is intense.

But one of those differences is language. She has learned a lot of Spanish. Yohan is slowly teaching himself English, but he only knows a little.

This means that Daniele was able to say, right in front of him, that she needs to find a way to tell him that they’re not going to New York.

Now, Yohan might not have caught her entire sentence, but he did hear his name and “New York” and he likely identified a few other words.

Still, Daniele held off on telling him.

First, Daniele dropped hints about how beautiful the Dominican Republic is.

Then, she began speaking about how she wants to find an apartment. A long-term apartment. This confused Yohan, understandably.

Finally, Daniele told him that she wants to live in the DR with him. She has unilaterally changed their plans as a couple. Also, she told him that his dreams for success in America were unrealistic. Why? Because her life in New York is too expensive.

Naturally, countless viewers watching this were puzzled. Yohan wanted to live in America with her, Daniele wants to leave New York City.

Why is her only option to uproot her entire life and move to his country? In addition to the entire rest of New York state, there are a good 49 other states. Plus DC and Puerto Rico. Like … just pick one?

Daniele took to her Instagram Story to explain why she doesn’t see this common sense solution as viable.

“If I [were] going to stay in the United States, it would be to keep my pension,” Daniele claims. “And that’s only gonna happen in New York.”

She proposed: “Let’s imagine I moved to Florida to teach there. I’d be starting at minimum salary, with 20 years experience.” Daniele also cited Florida’s dystopian nightmare of book-banning and more. (Okay, but there are other places?)

“I desire to live somewhere that is the second-most biodiverse place in the world,” Daniele expressed. She listed her desire to connect to the beach and to nature in the DR. So … maybe this is really what she wants. But what about Yohan?