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Meri Brown will experience a case of Deja Vu on this Sunday’s brand new episode of Sister Wives.

But in very upsetting fashion.

In a sneak peek shared by The Today Show, this veteran reality star will sit down for a discussion with spiritual spouse Kody and her two remaining sister wives, Robyn and Janelle.

On Season 17, which was filmed over a year ago, Christine has just left the polygamous family because Kody sucks as a father.

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In this footage, Kody is acting all heartbroken over Christine’s departure, lamenting the loss of this partner — which is rather hard for Meri to hear.

Because she’s stuck around this whole time!

And Kody doesn’t seem to care one bit.

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Kody Brown looks quite displeased in this photo. And we love it!

“It’s interesting hearing him talking about this and the parallels that (are) happening with him and Christine and me and him,” Meri says in a confessional.

“It’s kind of disturbing because some of the things that he’s frustrated about with Christine, he did to me.

“He wants to work on it with Christine but not me.”

Indeed, Kody has said on multiple occasions that he’s done even trying with Meri, having not even slept with her for 10 years.

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Back in the family meeting, Robyn speaks up and states the following:

“If people are just tired of trying and they don’t want to work it out, then I need to know.”

This line of reasoning feels personal and pointed to Meri, who can’t help but respond.

“Robyn, I think that you and I have had enough conversations about this that you know exactly where I am. And I am still here because I’m still trying,” she says.

“Six years later, I’m still here. Ten years, 15, 20 years later, I’m still here. It’s what I want.”

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This is certainly the case, as Meri has had to clap back many times over the past several months against trolls who don’t understand why she’s still in this relationship.

“I love that Meri is saying that she wants to work stuff out as a family,” Robyn says in a confessional.

“But I’m purposely just not saying anything because I don’t want it to intimidate Kody and Janelle and make them feel like they have to conform so that we can really get to the bottom of maybe some issues.”

For his part, meanwhile, Kody finds it ironic that Meri is sounding so passionate… considering his utter lack of passion for her at this point.

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“I’m exhausted. Like, who cares? If you’re not with me, you’re against me.

“Eff off, you know? I’m just like that way,” the selfish father of 18 tells the camera.

“Ironically, Meri’s trying to support me and I don’t want to be in a relationship with her anymore.”

Based on the way he sounds? Based on the way he acts? Based on pretty much everything about Kody Brown?

We really have no idea why Meri would want to be in a relationship with him, either.