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Jon Gosselin is widely considered to be one of the worst fathers in the history of reality television, which is really saying something.

The genre has given us plenty of bad dads over the years, but Jon somehow keeps finding ways to inch back toward the top of the list in new and creative ways.

Take, for example, the latest weirdness involving Jon and his 18-year-old daughter Hannah.

Now that Hannah has reached the age of legal majority (along with the five siblings with whom she shares a birthday) she’s looking to branch out and start making some money of her own.

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Hannah Gosselin lives with her dad, Jon. They appear to have a very good relationship, as you can see here. (Photo via Instagram)

But Jon is allegedly getting in the way of all that.

Along with her brother Collin, Hannah is one of just two sextuplets who live with Jon.

Historically, Jon and Hannah have gotten along very well, but it seems that lately, Dad has been making things very difficult for his daughter for reasons no one quite understands.

According to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, Hannah’s makeup line, Gosselin Girl is not performing as well as expected.

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Jon Gosselin has been accused of sabotaging his daughter’s business. (Photo via Instagram)

And the company’s CEO, Diane Simon, has accused Jon of trying to “interfere” with Hannah’s brand.

According to Simon, it’s just the latest example of Jon not having “any regard for Hannah’s best interest.”

“Hannah had such potential. I thought it would be fun for us to launch her and make her a big star with a good brand,” Diane told The Sun (via The Ashley’s Reality Roundup).

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Jon Gosselin shared this photo with his daughter, Hannah Gosselin, and he is such a proud father.

“I feel so bad for the kid. She’s such a nice girl. I’ve witnessed some concerning behavior from [Jon] and I became frustrated. Just the dynamic on how he operates with Hannah.”

Simon went on to clarify that Hannah’s company is doing well — but noted that it could be doing a lot better.

“The line is doing very well, but it’s not doing as well as it’s supposed to,” she said.

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“He’s been interfering. The loser has been Hannah. We’ve had to cancel a lot of the amazing events to launch her,” Simon added.

“It’s not where we’re supposed to be right now. We are disappointed on how we had to handle the business because of his behavior.”

Jon did not respond to the allegations directly, but his rep and his attorney both issued statements.

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Jon Gosselin is still taking selfies. (Photo via Instagram)

“This seems to be a sad attempt at getting her 15 minutes of fame at Jon and Hannah’s expense and it’s incredibly disappointing,” Jon’s rep stated.

The rep went on to address Simon’s claims that Jon had previously torpedoed a Red Cross charity initiative they worked on together.

“Unfortunately, we never saw any follow through with the Red Cross charity project that Jon was originally hired for and was excited about. She also never followed through with Hannah’s company,” he said.

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Jon Gosselin appears on The Dr. Oz Show in this photograph of the annoying ex-reality star.

“We suggest that Diane focus on the cause and use Jon’s work for the charity in which it was filmed, and worry less about getting her name out there.”

“It’s unfortunate that she has taken aim at Jon and Hannah when Jon was trying to help a wonderful charity, The Red Cross,” Jon’s attorney chimed in, adding threateningly:

“I am in touch with [Diane’s] attorney.”

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Jon Gosselin loves to appear on The Dr. Oz Show. Here he is, for example, in March 2021.

All of this comes on the heels of Kate Gosselin accusing Jon of owing $132,000 in back child support.

So yeah, Jon might be one of the worst dads in the history of reality television, but at least the man keeps things interesting!