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Just about everybody voiced well-deserved criticism of Bilal Hazziez on the 90 Day Fiance Season 9 Tell All Part 1.

But even with his manipulation tactics laid bare, there was more to say about Bilal.

All season, we knew that Shaeeda wanted kids, that Bilal did not want more kids. He also refused to give her a clear “no.”

Obviously, this came up at the Tell All, but they saved it for Part 2.

Shaeeda Sween is not pregnant. Or at least, she wasn’t when the Tell All filmed in June.

Both Kara Bass and Thais Ramone are pregnant. In fact, they are both due in November.

Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise already welcomed Baby #2. That is where this sneak peek begins.

Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise were not centers of attention at the Tell All Part 1, but they did have some life updates to share.

In the clip of the Tell All Part 2, Emily and Kobe discuss their sex life in the wake of welcoming baby Scarlet.

They’ve only had sex “four or five times” since Emily gave birth, owing to a desire to hold off on another kid.

Again, whatever nonsense Kobe seems to believe, there is plenty of perfectly safe birth control. But whatever.

Emily Bieberly gestures while seated beside husband Kobe Blaise at the Tell All Part 1.

Even with Kobe’s belief in debunked medical misinformation (and Emily’s willingness to humor him), they worry about another pregnancy.

Shaeeda then jokes: “I think you need to talk to Bilal, because he knows how to not get a woman pregnant.”

She continues: “So, he can probably give you some notes, OK? He could do it really good.”

Shaun Robinson cannot help but observe that this is some serious shade from Shaeeda.

Bilal agrees, labeling his wife “Queen Shade.”

Meanwhile, both Thais and Kara separately share their their respective sex lives have gotten even steamier since becoming pregnant.

They both have some hotties for husbands, so we’re happy for them both.

Meanwhile, Shaeeda says that Bilal enjoys “practicing” to have a baby. Just not actually conceiving one.

“We’ve been apart for so long, I’m like, let’s enjoy each other for a little bit,” Bilal once again says.

Patrick asks Bilal exactly how long a “little bit” is supposed to be. Apparently, it’s about two years.

Shaeeda reminds him and everyone else that she is 37 years old. Obviously, the clock is ticking.

Kobe advises Bilal: “You have to remember, you don’t control time. You better start trying now.”

Shaeeda acknowledges that she and Bilal still don’t see eye to eye on pregnancy.

During Part 1, she shared that the added language to the prenup about having a kid doesn’t include any enforcement.

It’s suddenly easy to understand why Bilal agreed to the amendment … because it sounds like there are no consequences if he betrays her trust.

Bilal worked long and hard to make Shaeeda anticipate his wants and needs, and that is evident at the Tell All.

“This is a very sensitive topic,” Shaeeda warns.

This is “because he sees it one way and I see it a whole different way.” Well, yeah.

On the one hand, Bilal should either give Shaeeda what she wants or tell her that he won’t. Instead, he’s playing games.

At the same time, though, we have all seen how Bilal speaks to Shaeeda.

Does she want to raise a child with him? He’ll talk to their kid the same way. And their kid will grow up thinking that this is what a healthy relationship looks like.