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This “crazy” season of The Bachelorette is nearly upon us all.

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are not the only ones who adjusted to some unique challenges.

Host Jesse Palmer also had to wrap his mind around Season 19’s co-leads dynamic.

He is delving further into what this new season will bring, teasing the “fresh” elements that viewers will get to enjoy.

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey Togetherr
Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey are excited to be the Bachelorettes. Together! On the same season!

Jesse Palmer spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Season 19 ahead of its July 11 premiere.

“We don’t really know how this is going to work itself out,” Jesse admitted.

“There’s two Bachelorettes, there’s a lot of guys,” he described, “and they have to sort of navigate that.”

Jesse Palmer as a Model

“Rachel and Gabby have the power to make some of their own decisions,” Jesse detailed of the structure of the season.

“I think in certain moments [they will] really veer off course,” he noted, “and do things their own way.”

Jesse explained: “There’s no set formula.”

“There are no rules,” Jesse continued.

“I think that’s something that Bachelor Nation and fans at home are going to see,” he speculated.

Jesse teased: “A lot of things are going to happen that have never happened before.”

Clayton and His Finalists
Clayton narrowed his aspiring wives on The Bachelor Season 26 to Gabby, Rachel and Susie.

Obviously, the host did not share any spoilers about the specifics of Rachel and Gabby sharing a dating pool of 32.

But, as we previously reported, the co-leads will be “absolutely supporting each other more so than competing.”

Other members of the franchise were concerned about this. It seems that the show now wants to lay these worries to rest.

Gabby Windey Pic

“This is a very unique situation,” Jesse acknowledged in his interview.

“And,” he added, “there’s a lot of relationships that Rachel and Gabby have to navigate at the same time.”

Jesse then noted that this is a dynamic “which at times can can pose challenges.”

Rachel Recchia on The Bachelor
Rachel Recchia makes her presence very well known on The Bachelor Season 26. Here she is, meeting Clayton Echard.

“But I think the important thing at the end,” Jesse opined, “is that they both have their sights set on finding love.”

He noted that Rachel and Gabby look forward to “hopefully being engaged at the end of this journey.”

“And,” Jesse then teased, “it is quite the ride to get there.”

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey on Air

Jesse also spoke about the 32 contestants who are vying for Gabby and Rachel.

“Some guys kinda go into it knowing who they want to date right away,” he revealed.

“And,” Jesse continued, “who they’re hoping to end up with.”

“And there’s some other men,” Jesse continued, “that literally have no idea and they’re trying to date simultaneously.”

“That’s a part of it,” he then explained.

“When do you feel like you need to make a commitment,” Jesse elaborated.

“And,” Jesse continued, “how long can you try to juggle both women dating at the same time?”

“There’s no real clear defined answer for all of us — myself included, producers included,” he then confessed.

Jesse stated that he knows this “as we were kinda navigating through this season.”

“A lot of times there were situations that came up,” Jesse vaguely noted.

These were situations “that we’ve never encountered and that’s sort of the beauty of this season.”

Jesse then promised that this “fresh and new” season will be something that viewers have “never seen before.” Neat!

“This is an entirely new format,” he freely acknowledged.

“Two Bachelorettes trying to find love,” he described.

Jesse went on: “Two different people that are great friends, that come from different backgrounds.”

“But,” Jesse then affirmed, Gabby and Rachel “are so deserving of finding love.”

“All the relationship challenges and stuff that they’re gonna have to navigate to get to that point,” he teased.

Jesse ultimately promised viewers that this “is going to be really interesting and unique.”