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Matt Roloff has a message for his haters.

Or at least the critics of the way he’s handled the sale of his farm, along with the alleged impact its had on his relationship with loved ones.

This past Saturday, the Little People, Big World star uploaded the following image to his Facebook page.

As you can see, it includes Matt, girlfriend Caryn Chander, two unnamed friends… and his ex-wife, Amy, along with her second husband, Chris Marek.


Roloff included a pointed caption along with the snapshot, too.

“Cheer this photo on!!! That’s the tall and the short of it ! Period,” he wrote.

“Negative people please go away gracefully.. you don’t pocess adequate discernment to speak your inadequate mumble jumbo.

“But we will respond to the fools for fun if you are over 55 and mature and to qualify.”

amy vs. matt roloff

There’s quite the complicated clap back, isn’t it?

We’d have to imagine it’s a reference to some of the backlash Matt has garnered of late after he announced in May that he was selling 16 acres of his farm.

“It’s a tiny bit scary but mostly exciting. Its time to move toward the next season of life,” wrote the father of four at the time.

He later defended opening up the purchase to the public amid talk that either twin son (Zach or Jeremy) wanted to swoop in and take over, claiming he had made a reduced offer to the kids — but they turned it down.

Matt Roloff Interview Pic
Photo via TLC

In a shocking rebuke last month, Zach Roloff attacked his father on Instagram in response.

“My dad is manipulating the narrative right before the season comes out,” Zach wrote back then.

“Once again like he has for most of his life not taking responsibility for his own actions and blaming others.

“Dragging the family drama that he created and then manipulate the fan base to make himself come out okay.

“This post his a new shocking low of cowardice and manipulation of his family and kids for his own gain.”

Matt and Zach Roloff on Air
Photo via TLC

Wow, huh?

It didn’t long for Amy Roloff to weigh in on this feud between her son and former spouse.

“It’s just a very sad situation, in my opinion, because this is personal to me…” Amy said in an Instagram Live chat a few days after Zach’s above remarks, adding:

“The [farm] business was part of our personal life so it will never just be business.”

Matt Roloff Interview Pic
Photo via TLC

In a clear message to her ex, Amy emphasized “These are your boys!” while also acknowledging that Matt deserves to make a profit off the sale.

Amy also acknowledged that Matt’s focus on the business has hurt the family over the years.

Everything comes at a cost, and this has come at a big cost,” she told followers.

“But we will always all see it differently and that’s the unfortunate thing. But I feel for my boys. Something that they were brought up with didn’t happen in the way we thought it would.”

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Based on these quotes, it sure sounds as if the relationship between Amy and Matt has been tarnished forever, doesn’t it?

Which might explain the Facebook photo Matt shared that started this post.

Don’t believe everything you read, he appears to be saying.

See? See this picture? Everything is just fine, thanks.