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Even while Britney Spears was still condemned to that awful conservatorship, Jamie Spears feared being deposed.

Any form of sworn testimony means that you either have to tell the truth or commit perjury, with few exceptions.

It has been apparent for many months that Jamie simply does not wish to answer questions about his actions during Britney’s conservatorship — not while under oath.

But enough is enough. Britney wants her dad to sit for a long-overdue deposition.

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Britney Spears’ attorney, Mathew Rosengart, is effectively calling Jamie Spears’ bluff.

Jamie has been stalling for time, insisting that he’ll sit for a deposition … provided that it takes place in Kentwood, Louisiana.

Rosengart says that he’ll happily fly out for the deposition.

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TMZ got a look at legal documents in which Rosengart notes that Jamie has been dodging the deposition for more than five months.

He does not believe that this is out of run-of-the-mill reluctance.

Rosengart believes that he can prove that Jamie’s conservatorship was corrupt and unjust.

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Rosengart wrote that he can establish that Jamie ran "a corrupted and conflicted conservatorship that stripped his daughter of certainf undamental liberties."

Jamie raked in more than $6.3 million through the conservatorship, paid out to him from Britney’s fortune.

Britney is also tens of millions poorer in terms of money paid out to others — in some cases, paid by Jamie from her funds enitirely against her will.

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Rosengart did not stop there, noting that Jamie’s cruelty did not end when the conservatorship was abolished.

Jamie "continues to harass and bully Britney Spears."

He noted that he has done so "by, among other things, failing to cooperate with his discovery."

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"And," Rosengart continued, "actually noticing his daughter’s deposition."

The documents note that Jamie does this "even as he hides from answering essential deposition questions."

As we have previously reported, Jamie wants to drag Britney into speaking under oath so that he can challenge her allegations … as if she hasn’t been through enough already.

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Rosengart is happy to call Jamie’s bluff by flying to Kentwood for the long-avoided deposition.

But he knows that Britney’s disgraced father could easily move the goalpost by traveling somewhere else.

With that in mind, Rosengart is offering to travel to any city necessary to depose Jamie.

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Second only to her fundamental human rights — which were taken from her for years — Britney’s money has been a major concern through all of this.

Jamie was entitled to pay himself a salary from her fortune … cutting himself a check through a conservatorship that he implemented.

He was also granted expenses every year, which he could also use Britney’s money to pay for, in order to run the very conservatorship that empowered him to control her money and life.

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Jamie has long insisted that every cent is accounted for, but one needn’t imagine that he’s pocketing extra money to see the obvious potential for abuse.

From paying people Britney’s money over her objections — already an established fact — to the potential for kickbacks and favors over investments, the entire setup is a recipe for injustice.

Rosengart wants to get to the bottom of it.

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And then there are potentially criminal matters regarding the surveillance of Britney, from tapping her phone to spying on her in her bedroom.

These allegations are a horror. If proven, it is believed that Jamie could face criminal prosecution.

One can see why he is trying to avoid being deposed at all costs, but it is impossible to sympathize with the man who put Britney through hell for all of her life.