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Jacob Roloff became a first-time father just two months ago.

We say this not to offer congratulations to the former Little People, Big World cast member — not at the moment, at least.

Instead, we pass along this blelssed piece of important information because it may help to explain the 25-year old’s latest Instagram Story upload, which we’ve helpfully shared below:

Jacob Roloff Selfie

Yes, this really is a photo of Jacob Roloff.

In the unexpected selfie, Jacob’s chin is unshaven and his wild hair is unkempt and uncombed. He also may be smoking a cigarette, which has truly taken fans across the Internet far aback.

The brand new dad didn’t include a caption along with the snapshot.

But he may just be an understandable mess due to a lack of extreme since welcoming son Mateo into the universe in early December.

Jacob Roloff and a Dog
Photo via Instagram

Ever since this special day, Jacob has remained mostly quiet on social media.

He’s stuck to his promise of never releasing a photo of his newborn online, but he did take a few moments in late 2021 to give the infant a shout-out, along with his amazing wife, Isabel.

"My beautiful son was born one week ago early on December 4th. Mateo Tomás," Jacob wrote at the time.

"I already feel an endless love and fierce protection for this boy. Mama Juj was an absolute superhero in the process, and my love and appreciation for her grows more every day."

Jacob and Isabel Roloff Pic
Photo via Instagram

Jacob had previously referred to Isabel as a "superhero" for going through labor and delivery, while Isabel said shortly after giving birth:

"I have never been more hands on my knees afraid and I have also never known a love so big.

Seeing Jacob as a father is the most heartwarming thing I have ever witnessed. Being a mother is the most myself I have ever felt.

"Through all of this, I am just affirmed now more than ever that our angels are always looking out for us."

Jacob and Isabel Roloff Announcement
Photo via Facebook

On December 28, meanwhile, Roloff addressed the revelation that he had been allegedly molested as a teenager by a Little People, Big World field producers.

"1 year and 11 days ago I posted my statement about my experience with CSA. I said, “I am certain that this is a positive moment for me, and another step toward a brighter future.

"I’m happy to say that I meant it," explained Jacob in his message back then.

Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock and Dogs

Continued Jeremy on Instagram just before the calendar flipped to 2022:

I felt so free of a useless burden, felt so much closer to my ever-supportive wife, so much more open and confident to myself.

On some level it allowed me to become a dad, to finally open that door. I’m so, so happy that I did and I love Mateo more than I could have guessed or hoped or dreamed.

Jacob concluded by saying his son was the "Best Christmas present" he could ever have asked for.

Future Family of 3
Photo via Instagram

What a lovely sentiment.

We continue to send our very best wishes to Isabel and Jacob.

We just hope they’re able to get some sleep soon.