Kim Kardashian: Here's Why Fans Think She's "Using" Pete Davidson

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We're only a few weeks into 2022, but the year has already been rich with celebrity drama, thanks largely to the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

The romance itself seems to be relatively conflict-free, and those who know Kim best say they've never seen her happier.

But Kim and Pete's relationship is the eye in the center of a drama hurricane, as Kanye and others continue to obsess over the couple's every move.

As far as we can tell, Yeezy is still trying to win Kim back, but he's hilariously bad at it.


His latest attempt involved trying to convince the world that Davidson has AIDS.

In typical Kanye fashion, the move was simultaneously moronic, psychotic, and more than a little evil.

And thus far, Pete has continued to embody BDE by not responding to Kanye's petty pleas for attention.

Pete Davidson Smokes Weed

As a bonus, by keeping mum on the issue Pete is sending a powerful subliminal message along the lines of "what was that? Sorry, I was too busy plowing your ex to hear you."

Of course, it's not just Kanye who's been heavily srutinizing the unexpected Kim-Pete pairing.

The public has been obsessing over these two as well, which is not easy, since they haven't even officially confirmed that they're dating.

Kim Kardashian Wears a Bikini in 2022

And so, Kete enthusiasts are forced to dissect Kim's every post in search of clues as to how the relationship is going.

Most recently, they've concluded that Pete has been snapping Kim's bikini photos when the couple goes on vacation.

Taking photos of one another is an extremely normal thing for a couple do to, but for some reason, commenters on Kim's posts are taking it as an indication of a power imbalance within the relationship.

Kim Kardashian Wears a Hat

“Pete ain’t hitting, he’s just taking photos,” one person commented on a recent pic, according to Life & Style.

“Haha, she’s using him for a photographer,” another added.

“Pete driving her around and taking photos,” a third chimed in.

Kim Kardashian and a Photographer's Shadow

A fourth commenter took things even further, referring to Pete as “Kim’s chauffeur," which doesn't even totally make sense.

So yeah, it sounds like the masses are having a hard time accepting that this is a real relationship.

They're not having as hard a time as Kanye, of course, but for whatever reason, people just can't wrap their heads around this one.

Kim Kardashian Glistens in a Cobalt Bikini

That might change if and when Kim and Pete actually confirm that they're dating, but for now, it seems the consensus among commenters is that Pete is nothing more than a rebound fling who understands how to use Instagram filters.

Even if that were the case, Pete would probably be fine with it.

But based on comments from those who know the couple best, this is no mere "friends with benefits" situation.

Pete, Kim, Flavor Flav, Kris

“She’s never dated anyone like him before,” one insider told In Touch earlier this month.

“[Pete] isn’t [Kim’s] usual type at all," the source conceded noting that despite the differences in lifestyle, “Kim is really enjoying Pete’s company.” 

So there you have it.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

It seems that Kanye can keep being petty and spreading childish rumors if that's how he wants to play this.

The fact is, his baby mama has moved on, and for now at least, she seems to be deliriously happy with her new dude -- and the skillful photos he takes.

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