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Last week, 90 Day Fiance alum Jason Hitch passed away following a grim battle with COVID-19.

Despite receiving dedicated medical attention in the ICU, doctors were unable to save his life.

The 45-year-old Season 2 star was unvaccinated, his sister Shannon revealed at the time.

In the wake of his tragic passing, she is urging 90 Day Fiance fans to get vaccinated so that their loved ones do not feel how she does now.

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90 Day Fiance cast members are mourning Jason Hitch.

So are fans. So are his family and loved ones.

Even his ex-wife, Cassia Tavares, has made a statement about his sudden and shocking passing.

Jason’s sister, Shannon Speagle, was the first to reveal to the world that he had passed away.

She was the one who revealed that he was unvaccinated and had no known health problems before contracting the virus.

Like millions of Americans, her brother is part of the devastating pandemic death count … and she hopes that those numbers will dwindle.

Speaking to TMZ, Shannon hopes that something positive can come out of this unthinkable loss.

Her hope, she expresses, is that Jason’s passing as a healthy 45-year-old can be a cautionary tale for others.

Those mourning Jason’s death should understand how vital and urgent it is to get vaccinated and take any other possible precautions against COVID.

Shannon stresses that vitally, this includes people who believe that they are healthy.

A robust immune system is great, but a virus that is unfamiliar to the body meets much less resistance than a cold or flu.

Vaccination drastically reduces the chances of getting COVID, of getting a severe case, and of spreading it to others.

Cassia Tavares and Jason Hitch
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Shannon reveals that she had argued about this with her late brother, more than once.

Jason was beloved by many fans, and known particularly for his engagement with viewers, but the pandemic had a negative impact upon his psyche.

Shannon shares that Jason was a COVID-specific anti-vaxxer.

We are all painfully aware that many otherwise intelligent, once-trusted people succumbed to insidious paranoia and misinformation.

Whether it was a friend or a relative or a friend-of-a-friend, almost all of us know someone whose mind was turned upside down during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, Shannon’s revelation makes clear, Jason was one of those.

Jason apparently sent Shannon dangerous misinformation about vaccines.

He believed that the vaccines were not effective, despite ample solid evidence to the contrary.

As a 45-year-old man with no existing conditions, he believed that he would be just fine.

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Their last conversation involved Shannon urging him to get vaccinated.

His plan was to visit her and her children — as many family members do this time of year.

Tragically, Jason refused the vaccine and did not end up coming to visit. That choice cost him his life.

Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares
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Shannon confesses that she was initially hesitant to call Jason after he contracted COVID-19.

She wanted to be sensitive, and was afraid that anything that she said would come across as rubbing it in his face.

When Jason was hospitalized, she did more than call him — she flew out to see him.

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Shannon’s last view of her brother was when he was sedated and on a ventilator.

(People on ventilators in this condition must be sedated)

This was, she shares, the worst sight that she has ever seen.

Shannon was by Jason’s bedside when he passed away on Tuesday, December 14.

Despite his tragic confusion over the vaccine and the COVID-19 pandemic, she loved her brother and mourns him deeply.

She hopes that no one else ever endures this nightmare. COVID vaccines are widely available and free, with or without insurance.