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Peter Weber believes that ghosts are more real than the changes of someone actually finding love on The Bachelor.




Allow us to explain…

Peter Weber Promotional Photo

Weber starred first as a suitor opposite Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette, becoming well known for reportedly sleeping with that Alabama native four times in one night … inside of a windmill.

A pilot, Peter was then chosen as The Bachelor.

He anchored Season 24 of the franchise and most definitely tried his hardest to find a soulmate.

By which we mean, the guy dated around a ton!

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber Together

He ended his run engaged to Hannah Sluss, you see.

Only to then break up with her and date runnerr-up Madison Prewett.

Then they also split and Weber got serious with another contestant, Kelly Flanagan.

In May, however, Weber and Flanagan went their separate ways amid rumors of hs cheating.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan Throwback
Photo via Instagram

Would Peter actually try his hand at this show again, following all these failed relationships?

Heck no, Weber told Page Six this week.

“For me, it wasn’t the most organic way to really cultivate a real, real relationship,” Weber explained to this publication, sort of stating the obvious considering the stage nature of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

“It was too many distractions that I wouldn’t want to subject myself to again in the future," he added.

Kelley Flanagan, Peter Weber on July 4

When asked point black if he would ever consider reprising his role like Season 11 and Season 15 star Brad Womack did, Weber gave a simple answer:


Viewers around the nation are likely relieved to hear that.

As are potential series contestants.

Chris Harrison and Peter Weber Selfie
Photo via Instagram/abc

So, what does Peter Weber plan on doing next?

He says he is on the hunt for ghosts alongside celebrity medium Jonathan Mark. Naturally.

“He had this great idea to go do this ghost tour. I was actually, not going to lie, a little tentative,” Weber told Page Six, recounting his initial feelings about the Greenwich Village excursion afterr saying he met Mark on a podcast.

“This was my first time ghost-hunting. I didn’t know what it truly entailed,” Weber continued


Peter Weber on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

Weber may turn this into his next small screen foray, too.

“Definitely possibly doing a TV project right now. It’s in the works,” Mark told Page Sx of ghost hunting with the ex-Bachelor.

“We’re doing something a little bit separate than the ghost-hunting, but I’m not opposed to doing this with Pete and everyone. We’re in talks with doing that right now, too.”

Weber is open to this possibility, he concludes.

Peter and Madison On Facebook
Photo via Facebook

“Definitely, I’m curious,” he said of expanding his adventures into the supernatural, adding that he would next like to explore haunted buildings with Mark.

“We didn’t go inside anywhere. It was just kind of outside adventures. But maybe [to] go see some places inside would be interesting … I’ve always believed in that kind of stuff.

"I’ve not been too skeptical. And Jon’s definitely got a gift.”